Cade Burkhammer - photo


Cade Burkhammer was born in Cleveland, Ohio on April 21st 1973. He has been a visionary artist and musician for over 20 years exhibiting and performing in various venues around the country. He first found interest in the Tarot around age fifteen. He has been interested in how world cultures and religions affect each other. The events of September 11th first inspired the idea for the Tower card. He thought that developing a complete Tarot deck would be an effective way to embody vision and reality in a surreal style. That was a decade ago. Creating 88 paintings and pages of writing while working full time, preparing new work for monthly gallery openings, and playing music has taken longer than anticipated. Cade has had many different lives and a plethora of experience. He hasn’t attended art school, believing that first hand learning is more honest and powerful. His empathetic, humble and clever education evolved from traveling, working and learning with artists, musicians, natives, healers, scientists, storytellers, and other diverse beings that make up this exhilarating land. Cade resides in San Francisco, California with his wife, Amy.